Pentaho BI

Pentaho® is a prominent open source reporting project with a great vision of a single, comprehensive BI suite that covers the full spectrum of business intelligence (BI) life cycle including ETL, reporting, analytics, visualization, and data mining. Reporting is a only a portion of Pentaho’s overall vision of providing a soup-to-nuts, open source Business Intelligence Suite. The Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition (BI) encompasses the following open source projects: the Pentaho BI Platform & Server, Pentaho Reporting, Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian), Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), and Pentaho Data Mining (Weka).

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announcement an agreement to acquire Pentaho in February of 2015. At this time, there is very little information available about HDS’s plans for Pentaho, and we do not anticipate any information until after the deal has closed. We feel that given HDS’s historical commitment to open source projects, that there will be little change to the open source nature of Pentaho.

Since our last review in 2012, Pentaho has added two additional distinct open source projects.Community Tools (CTools) delivers a wide range of extensions for the server platform including dashboarding. Sparkl is a project that allows developers to build new plugins to the Pentaho BI Suite.

Pentaho supports the Pentaho Marketplace which provides a place for developers to share their Pentaho plugins with Pentaho system administrators. This has allowed companies such as Meteorite BI to deploy their Saiku Analytics plugin (available in community and enterprise editions) to the Pentaho community.